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How Many BPM? was a series of live performances featuring Youri Fernandez, Iouri Camicas, Guillaume Lantonnet, Pierre "Petit Fantôme" Loustaunau, Kevin Bucquet & Romain Gratalon.

 The project How Many Bpm ? started in 2014 in the basement of the parisian gallery l'Hermitage when visual artist Iouri Camicas, at the initiative of this cultural place, met Youri Fernandez, co founder and member of the french berliner collective FLVR SERIES.


HMBPM ? is using skateboarding as a mere tool of creation and both artists conceived a performance in which a skateboarder is carried by the on-going movements of a sculpture following the shapes of a ramp. The repetitive movements of the skateboarder create a rhythm turning the body into a metronome and imposing a tempo. Various musicians are invited to participate and to create a sound universe accompanying the performance.


After various interpretations the project took in 2016 a step further by being selected Prize-Winner of the Art & Music Festival organized by Baleapop and the Collective Moi Moi. The mini ramp built out of concrete in the basement of the parisian gallery became an architectural work made out of wood and synthetic glass and with a size of 4 meters wide for 6 meters high.

HMBPM? wins the public support by offering them at the same time a spectacular and contemplative performance. Following the festival and the success of HMBPM? both collectives FLVR and MOI MOI decided to pursue the project and to record the tracks created during the performances. The vinyle is available here.

To complete this project we filmed and edited „ON/OFF“ interpreting some variations of HOW MANY BPM ?


about :


FLVR SERIES was launched with the idea to connect skateboarding with art. By inviting different artists to collaborate on the production of graphics for skateboards and to combine their own artistic expressions with skateboarding, FLVR SERIES explores new boundaries, tries to step beyond the cliches attributed to skateboarding and to connect with a largest public.


BALEAPOP is a yearly Festival taking place in Saint Jean de Luz, near Bordeaux. Baleapop invites to listen, to contemplate and to slow down. Bringing together Art and Music, the Festival challenges itself each year by imagining new formats and bringing in various disciplines, making the Festival unique. Baleapop is conceived and organised by the collective MOÏMOÏ.


TWICE is a graphic studio formed by Fanny Le Bras and Clementine Berry. Both exercise their skills in domains like music, fashion, art and events. 

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@ Puxan BC

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@ Puxan BC

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@ Courtesy Le Chassis

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