What about us?

What do we do ?


We do dômes. Dômes are spaces where music, visual art, and other creative disciplines evolve together.


Where do we come from ?


A little town named Bayonne (France - Bask country).


What about our music Label ?


We support a bunch of musicians. We love to share their work, and most of all, earring them playing live.


What about our art Studio ?


We encourage creativity. Our represented fellows and guests are invited to make forms that interact with space and time. 


What about our transdisciplinary Events ? 


Our first goal is to bring events to life. We stimulate various kind of creators to unite and share what they love with alive audiences.


Any question? 


Feel free to contact us at domessession@gmail.com or via Facebook or Instagram or Youtube or by mail at :


Dômes Studio

4 rue Tour de Sault

64100 Bayonne, France.