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KYF! is an interactive audio-visual show featuring two collaborating musicians alongside a videographer. In other words, it is an augmented concert, during which the musicians can control or modify the live projected video, as well as the lights.

The show, lasting approximately 75min, is built in several scenes which experiment with different forms of interaction (generated live via the videographer's computer). The style of music (afro/synth) is linked to the theme of the show: the African continent and its different cultures seen through the sensitivity and subjectivity of the artistic team and its guests (artists, musicians, dancers, etc.).

The show, sometimes literal, sometimes abstract, has no defined subject, it does not speak of linear history but approaches both aesthetic and political concepts through the idea that the urge to create and collaborate is universal.

Selected moments from the creation of the interactive audiovisual show KYF!
The guest artists seen in this video will be on screen during the live show.


> 18/nov/22 : La Mamisèle (Scène Aux Champs) / Saubrigues (40) - FR
> 25/nov/22 : Camiade (Catach) / St-Martin-de-Seignanx (40) - FR

TOUR (soon to be annonced)
>xx/fev/23 : Atabal / Biarritz (64) - FR


Artists on stage :  Kevin Bucquet (synthétiseurs, M.A.O, talkbox), Fred Faure (Batterie, percussions), Youri Fernandez (vidéo, lumières, interactivités)

Art Direction : Youri Fernandez
Set Design : Sarah Brousse Martinez
Sound Technician : Olivier Debas / Niels Breton
Mix : Niels Breton 
Sound Designer : Vincent Lorenzo
Light Adviser : Clément Blade 
Video : Youri Fernandez / Jérémy Hugues
Web design : Laure Dall'erba
Game developer : Harold George 
Dresser (The KYF! Invitational) : Sophie Darricau
Press Officer : Marine Bellocq
Production Manager : Sarah Brousse Martinez 

Guest Artists : Chrysogone Dyangouaya (Danser), Kikoue, Aziz Aflak, Kyekyeku, Rebecca M’boungou, Hamid Moumen, Seydou Diabate, Bako et Malikal Diop

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Producer : Dômes Studio
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Institutional partners (Cultures Connnectées / OARA / CAPB / CNM)
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